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My Teaching Philosophy

As an Instructional Designer and Technologist, I have discovered my teaching philosophy continues to evolve as the world changes. I have tried my best to capture the guiding beliefs and principles that shape all aspects of my work.

Relationships Matter Most

I believe every interaction between two or more people, regardless of roles, is an opportunity for learning to occur. So, whether I am student, teacher, coach, designer, or technologist in my official role, I embrace the opportunity to learn and to support the learning of others.

Anything I can do to help strengthen relationships grants me more chances to identify the gaps of knowledge in others, as well as in myself. The most important thing I can do is approach each interaction with humility and patience. Every interaction, whether direct or indirect, is an opportunity to demonstrate respect for another's journey.

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Education and Technology

I believe technology is a valuable tool that can transform learning experiences, improve accessibility, and address many of the inequities of socioeconomic disparities, such as poverty and systemic racism.

But technology, with all its digital bells and virtual whistles, is frequently misapplied. Because of this, I believe it is important to ensure the technologies I choose are assistive, rather than distractive. To be responsible, I must also plan for the time and energy required to train and support learners' adoption of any technologies I use.

Online Teacher

Learning Does Not Need to Hurt

One of the greatest advantages of technology is that it has the power to make interactive, engaging, and even playful learning experiences. But this is nothing new. Great educators can always find ways to make enjoyable lessons.

I believe the key to forming lifelong learners is creating the moments of joy and discovery that ignite feelings of empowerment and purpose. Creating atmospheres that encourage play, safe failing, and open exploration sets the stage for those moments.

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