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Sand Dunes

My Work and Experiences

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Open Education Resources

OERs help everyone. They lower costs for educators and students. They save time and help educators share their expertise.

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An Infographic

Review and download the Post-Pandemic Digital Citizenship infographic below.

Project Planning Tools

The examples below show a plan for a personalized learning project from two different views. The first is a Kanban board. The second is a Gantt chart.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 162544.png
Screenshot 2023-10-09 163111.png
Completed Project Plan.png

Course Project Rubric

The example below was created for a personalized learning project. You can use the toolbar features on the PDF viewer to view or download the rubric.

Activities and Assessments

The examples below were created for use in an LMS course.

Example #1:

Screenshot 2023-08-27 000948.png

Example #1 shows several interactive activities created in Articulate Storyline (displayed in Rise for demonstration only). They were designed to supplement a course. They incorporate a variety of customizations for functionality, including variable management, randomization, and scoring through JavaScript. They also include multiple triggers with conditional statements and multiple object state transitions. They were built with accessibility in mind and use customized focus orders and attention to WCAG 2.1 standards. (Please note final submission options will not function outside the LMS.)

Example #2:

Screenshot 2023-08-27 002418.png

Example #2 shows more interactive activities created in Articulate Storyline. They provide multiple attempts, randomization, and corrective feedback, as needed. (Please note final submission options will not function outside the LMS.)

Example #3:

Example #3 is an authentic assessment for a Storyline 360 course project to demonstrate knowledge of the basics of button interactions. The project incorporates peer review and research of Storyline 360 functions and features not covered directly in the course.

Example #4:

Example #4 is an example of an undergraduate-level 6-week course that uses authentic and personalized assessments. The course is built in Canvas LMS, so you will need to register for a free account to be able to enroll and view this course. Please note this course is for example only and is not a credit-bearing course affiliated with any university.

This design document describes the course in detail and does not require an account to view.

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