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LMS Tools

Learning Management Systems provide a place to organize and host a variety of online course content.

Gamified Quiz Tools

Whether to improve engagement or reinforce learning, quizzes can help when they include a bit of gamification.

Flashcard Tools

Flashcards are a tried and true way to reinforce knowledge transfer and a great study aid.

Screen Capture Tools

When teaching anything online, grabbing a shot of what's on the screen is a frequent need. Being able to do some quick edits? Even better. 

Video Recording Tools

Recording yourself and/or your screen has become a great option for producing asynchronous content for lectures and guided demonstrations.

Video Editing Tools

You've recorded a video, but now what? A great video editing tool takes an ok video and makes it exceptional.

Audio Editing Tools

Nothing ruins a great video like bad audio. 

Image Editing Tools

From infographics to diagrams, an image is worth a thousand words.

Chat Tools

With all the world on their phones, why not build a safe digital space for everyone to connect? 

Collaboration Tools

It sometimes takes a village. These tools help everyone share the work and the rewards.

AI Tools

From creating content to becoming a personal tutor, expert, or debate partner, AI offers students and teachers whatever they need.

Engaging Tools

Dive into another place and measure the effects with these tools.

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