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My Guiding Principles

We all live with axioms we hold as ultimate truth.

These principles form the basis of our values and ethics.

This page highlights the principles that guide my life and work.


Principle #1 - There is something greater than me.

I call this something God. Others use different names. The benefit of this principle is that it reminds me to be humble. I'm a fallible creature. I have limited knowledge and capabilities. Remembering that God is greater than me helps me accept all the imperfections of myself and others.

Principle #2 - Our existence is miraculous.

The combination of factors that must occur for humanity to exist is awesome. It's especially wondrous when considering we are tiny things on a tiny rock in the middle of a vast universe full of more emptiness than star stuff. The benefit of this principle is that it reminds me to experience the awe of my existence. It's easy to get depressed in this world. Disasters, deceit, death, defeat. If I look for pain, I can find it. Remembering the odds against our current reality helps me look for the positive, the hope, the miraculous.

Principle #3 - Our purpose is to evolve.

Human existence is evolution. Everyone is in constant flux. Cells are created and cells die, from our first day to our last. What we are at any moment is never exactly what we were previously or what we will be in the next moment. The benefit of this principle is that it allows me to keep moving forward. If what I was yesterday was flawed, I am presented today with an opportunity to improve. Every tomorrow gives yet another chance. Remembering that I am always changing helps me better embrace change and continue to have faith that I can be better tomorrow. Beyond that, in my work, the continual opportunity for change in others reminds me to be patient. 

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